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Like you in red & blue jeans and your white and night things.

Monday, January 31, 2005
It's a symptom, it's a fucking symptom!

Today's enemy is lethargy.

The worst thing that can happen to a student.

Also a symptom of sadness, loneliness, emptiness.

Here we go again..

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Sunday, January 30, 2005
Meet The Fockers + this music (currently The Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait) = depressing..

I find myself sadly thinking about the nearing Valentine's..

Now it's Gin Blossoms - Follow You Down.

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Just came from Ortigas Center with Pia, Prichie, and Patrese. Haha, I didn't notice their names all start with P.. anyway, we were quiet but it was fun. Talked about a lot of things but quiet. Quiet as compared to when we are complete. Hay. But oh well. It was alright.

I'm back with rock music. Badly Drawn Boy rocks. He's probably today's greatest songwriter. I had just seen About a Boy again yesterday (or the other day) and the soundtrack is just wonderful. Now I'm listening to my old mp3's of his other songs. Just great.

And on the way to school today I played Green Day's Dookie in the car.

And also I've been listening to Teeth's Laklak and Prinsesa, and Yano's Esem and Paalam Sampaguita.

QC must have something to do with this. Heh. Brought me back to reality - rock music is the music of the real world. At least to me it is. Classic jazz is such a fantasy. (A beautiful one, though - and we only need a balance of reality and fantasy.)

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Friday, January 28, 2005
QC is the place to BE!

Quiapo and Greenhills are good places to be in, but the stuff they sell aren't really my style. Obviously fake t-shirts? (Fake is fine, as long as they don't look it). Over mass production that you'll end up running to a couple of people with the same shirt or bag? Not to mention low-quality cellphone "abubots".. the worst things in Quiapo I'd have to say. Quiapo = low quality stuff, with a few exceptions. Like their DVDs of course, and that cellphone housing Dad bought for Php80. And I'll never forget that shiny silver whistle for only Php20.. (as compared to a rusty one that was Php180 - ay Recto pala yon)

In Greenhills it's better, but still I don't have much to buy there. The clothes are for fashionistas and it seems that all the shops have the same products.

Farmer's Plaza (the Fairmart I was referring to in my last post) in Cubao has a lot better selection of clothes. Today I was back there and saw some shops that I overlooked yesterday. I bought three white t-shirts for Php120 each. The red cap I bought my brother yesterday might also be in Quiapo and Greenhills (although I haven't really seen it there), but I'm sure this one looks better and less fake. Well, I'll get straight to the point: it's a happy place to shop. I even heard Yano's Esem playing in the background! What more can you expect?

Depends on your tastes, I suppose. I don't think Marian would buy much there. She's a Greenhills gal. I'd like to show her the place, though. I'd bring Anna there, too.

Megamall is also a wonder. I guess it's simply because they have so many shops that it suits anyone's tastes, just take your pick. I finally got myself a new wallet from Roxy (Surf World - great shop, glad to see it still there, goodness it's been long ago when Frances used to take me there!). The wallet isn't the one I really want from Vans, but it will have to suffice. It ain't that bad, and I have a feeling I will grow to love it. Or perhaps only like it. Heh.

Don't forget Galle.. it's also a fun place to shop (but not for t-shirts).

Had a train lakwatsa day again with Dad. From the office walked to Gilmore station, stopped at Araneta, transferred to the MRT and went down to Megamall. Walked to Shangri-la, back to Araneta, Gilmore, then home. That was our exercise for the day. With a shopping bonus.

Definitely my day was made.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005
I officially love going out. Hehe.

Was a good trip. Better than staying home I'd have to say.

I was telling my mom, I'd rather stay in school late than go home. I know there are a lot of things to do here, but somehow all I ever manage to do lately is stare into the computer and/or lie in bed.

I got to school at around 7:30, pretty early for the 9am LEAP class. So I decided to go to the library and do some research on Roman theater. I got hold of two cool books at the second floor, with pictures of ancient Rome and its ruins that still stand today. Boy, these studies in my lit major subjects are getting me back to my love for history and the world -- finally I have an interest in the Arab world, and lately I've been really fascinated by the ancient Greeks and Romans. I guess the only continent now that I don't care to visit is Africa. Except Egypt, of course.

Anyway, back to today. The LEAP class started at 11 for some reason I don't know. Marian and I even got the chance to go down to Aristo and eat some snacks, and the class still didn't start when we got back. We had enrolled in some talk about "women doing more..", and as we hadn't expected, it turned out to be a talk on using tampons. More of an advertisement, really. Use o.b. tampons. They even gave out free samples. The tampon is a curious product, I'd have to say. They say it feels like you don't have your period, and so you can do sports, or wear anything you want, any time of the month. Hence, the class description "women doing more." Haha. I still have yet to decide whether or not I'm willing to try on those samples..

The plan was, after the class we'd stay in school for lunch and watch that capoeira demo at 2pm. But Marian decided to go to G4 instead and watch a movie. We saw Elektra -- an okay movie, Jennifer Garner, what a body! -- while eating our Oliver's sandwiches. Really good sandwich (I got tuna), better than Subway, but I was only able to finish half of it and saved the other for merienda.

Marian felt sleepy after the movie and so we headed home. She went down at the MRT Shaw station, while I decided to go to Araneta and take the LRT-2 from there. However, when I got off the train, I was awed by the Fairmart mall connected to the station. I know I had been there before with Dad, just recently, but somehow it looked new to me. Probably because I was alone, and when I'm alone I feel free to roam. And I did. They had some good buys, for a place that looks like Cinemasquare -- in Cinemasquare I don't think I'd ever buy anything that wasn't a pirated DVD. I bought my brother a red "punkista" cap, the type that I want him to wear but he never got one himself. I also bought a shark clip for Php7.75 what do you say? I remember getting one in Megamall for Php30 or 50. I looked around more, and spotted a cool shop called Apple Pickle or something like that. The window had a poster of some concert dated October 30, 2004.. presented by the Marikina Skaters Union. Hmm. That says a lot about the store. Inside were black t-shirts of Rancid and the like. There were similar red caps, but for Php190, and a nice black Nirvana one. I thought it unlikely to see such a store there, but at the same time I knew it was the right place to put up a shop like that.

I went outside and "made kapa" my way to Gateway -- sorry I can't find the English equivalent. I just went straight to the coliseum and over there to the left was Gateway already. Not bad. I looked around some more, but didn't find anything interesting. Gateway to me is simply a nice new mall with nice new design ideas, but there really ain't nothing more to that.

When I was still in Fairmart I finally got to contact Mom. I had tried to call her when I was still in G4 because I had the feeling that my dad was in Makati, so maybe he could pick me up. But after two calls and one text, no reply. I sent another text when I got to Cubao, and only then did she call back. Turns out they were in Makati, almost the same time as I was, only problem is she didn't check her phone. But that's alright, she was at the office and I was in Cubao already and she let me take my time until I was ready to be picked up at the LRT-2 Gilmore station.

Although I would have liked also to stay in school for the afternoon. As I told Marian, "It's nice to come to school when you don't have class." I don't know why I have this attachment to DLSU. I still have a year left, or maybe even more, and already I'm sad about thinking of leaving, and knowing that I'm gonna miss it. Or pehaps it's because I miss it already, maybe school already is a sad situation: you just want to be there, but when you're there, then what? Everybody's busy with his or her own business. That's why, in reality, it's pointless to stay in school to just hang around. Honestly, what the heck am I gonna be doing there if I did stay?

For tomorrow, JJ invited me to go to that university party at night, because their band will be playing. I had an urge to go, but then again, thinking realistically, what the heck am I gonna do there?

I just have this illusion that when I'm in school I'm gonna be seeing everybody I want to see. Who they are exactly I'm not even sure. But of course everybody is elsewhere. In G4 Marian and I spotted several schoolmates. There was that big Chinese guy who I always see with Paolo Chu (speaking of Pao Chu, I have been running into him a lot lately). And also Jotz's boyfriend. And also that gay guy I also always run into. Forgot his name. But he was in my Histciv class. My point is, none of these Lasallians were in school, so what makes me think that I'd be seeing people of the same crowd in school? Furthermore, I don't know what I want from these people. Pretty pointless didn't I tell ya?

I also would have wanted to stay in G4. I had a feeling Jason would be there. But then again.. I don't know what I want from him. I probably just miss his company. Heh. Refer to my
post about that one. Anyway, also I knew that G4 was a good place to look for a wallet. And that it was the best mall to be alone in. It's big, there's lots to see, and you can even walk to SM or Greenbelt or Landmark, just take your pick. But oh well, I took the other road (Robert Frost in Intpoet hehe), and that has made all the difference.. haha, what I mean is at least I got to explore and roam Cubao by myself.

There's something going on with me. I've been wanting new stuff. I want a new wallet, a new phone, and I got myself a new hairstyle (with bangs, courtesy of myself and Mom). I'm looking at it as a sign of moving on. I'm completely sick of my old lifestyle -- the stay-home lifestyle. The alone lifestyle. I want something new, and wanting these little new things are part of it. Even my age I had wanted to change. And it's a good thing, really. At least now I'm not hanging on to the past, seeking change instead of resisting it. (Although sometimes it's still a necessity to be alone).

And that's exactly the reason why I enjoyed this day. It's not much when you think of it, but I really found it nice to go around the metro like that (and not having my parents worry about me). To go out with Marian like that. Even during the movie I felt nice. I was telling myself, it's nice to see a movie in the mall. Such a simple thing to see a movie with a friend, but I -- let's say I feel freshened up. Spiritually. =)

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Onga, ang cute nitong si Jim ibang klase, pero nde ko kras, kasi kung kras ko yon edi nde ako nakyutan sa gerlpren nya hahaha ang cute nila pakshet bagay sila!!! Ewan ko ba haha napapa- "awwww" talaga ako my gash ang sweet pa ng testi nila sa isa't isa! Huhu inggit lang yata ako gusto ko ng ganung guy hahaha shet. Ang sweet ni Jim. Ibang klase. One of those rare guys na nagmamahal talaga!! Astig yung taong yun. Hehe \m/

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
I never knew the power of conditioner. Now I'm willing to keep my hair long. Haha.

Tonight I only received one spam message. Progress!

No, I didn't see him today. I don't know if he saw me.
I'm pretty sure I saw his back, though. Orange Jansport. Ehehe.
And I told myself not to look up. But I couldn't help it..

Damn Intdram. I didn't get to recite again. She called me but I was at a loss. Nagbasa pa naman ako! Argh. Mind off elsewhere again..

I can't believe I got a 4.0 in Philper. Haha. Late reaction.. Nico mentioned kasi that she was taking Philper.

The LRT-2 wasn't working tonight. I was supposed to meet Mom and Dad and Ricco at the LRT Doroteo Jose station, but then at the last minute (luckily before I left) they txted that the new line was on Code Red -- whatever that means. I ended up taking the LRT-MRT to Shaw Blvd. On the way out of school I ran into JJ. I always like talking to that guy. Perhaps the only guy real friend I have. No worries, and I'm myself. As in friends lang talaga and its understood. Gets? Heh. It's just a rare thing for me these days.

Anyway, it's a full moon. They say strange things happen under a full moon. For one thing, it's the first time the LRT-2 had a problem (that I know of, at least). And another, it was traffic everywhere tonight. Dad and Mom and Co were stuck in N. Domingo and so decided to turn back and meet me in Shangri-la instead. On the way home from dinner, unusual traffic at Shaw (at 8 in the evening!), N. Domingo, even Wilson, Gilmore and Santolan.. Not just any unusual traffic; it just seemed like there were so many cars and that everybody was lost. Hmm.. Something's going on. Or maybe it's just my imagination.

I'm grateful for LEAP this Thursday. That means school but no classes, yay.

Currently listening to : Yano - Esem and Paalam Sampaguita

I want more songs like these.

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Monday, January 24, 2005
I've said it before - and so have many before me - and I'll say it again: School sucks.

Reading is not a problem. It's the necessity to recite that bothers me.

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Saturday, January 22, 2005
Lately I've been wanting to stay out of the house.

Perhaps that's what happens when you stop being lonely. You just have to get out. Or maybe it's a way to avoid being lonely. Hmm? Realization: Spending the entire day with Jason last course card day served as a cure for my loneliness. But then again, loneliness is a disease, not just a fever that can be cured in an instant. So let's say it served as medicine, so that the disease won't get any worse.. and maybe that medicine can be addictive, and that explains my urge to be outside..

Anyway. Yesterday for lunch I was with Mom exploring the new Metrowalk in Ortigas, and at night we went back there with Dad to check the new Pier One. For some reason I really liked the place -- a new hang-out for people who live around the Ortigas area -- or maybe it just so happened that I was in the mood to "party" or to be in a social environment.

Then today after school I went to Rockwell with Pia. As I've repeatedly told everyone, there ain't nothin' to do here anymore but go to the mall. And that is just what I've been doing lately. Accompanying people with shopping. I hardly buy anything myself.

The weather's great. January weather. It's just like the weather last November. I remember freezing outside Ardz with Maya, November 18 or 19 (haha). At this time of year it's nice to just leave your windows open. But somehow the weather during December isn't as chilly.

Feels like a Saturday. Is a Saturday. Has Saturdays always been great? As of now, I love this Saturday feeling.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Aaackk!! I hate being the laziest person on earth!!!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Wow, natupad yung isa kong winish kahapon, hehe. Good sign ba kamo sa dalawa pang wish? Haha.

Napaginipan ko pa sya.

Kanina naman sa Spantwo, na-realize ko na yung guy na nakaupo malapit sa pinto ay kamukha ni Blake! Haha! Hindi naman kamukha, pero para syang si Blake eh. Except yung salamin.. wala namang salamin si Blake.. pero ewan ko, naalala ko si Blake kanina nung nakita ko yun. Eric ang pangalan nya, upperclassman sa Lit. Eniwei, diba kasi napaginipan ko noon na kaklase ko si Blake sa Spantwo.. isa pang nakakapagtaka ay itong si Eric, friend nung isang Blake, yung matandang Blake sa Lit, yung naging head ng newsletter ng Litcircle.. puros Blake ampotah.

Super sandali lang kanina nung nakita ko si *toot*. Pero at least.. =) progress nga sabi ko eh, haha. Nung mga unang araw ng term, kung makita ko sya, nde nya ako nakikita. Ngayon, nung napatingin ako sa taas, nakatingin din sya sakin! Sabay hello. Haha gaano kaya sya katagal nakatingin.. si ano naman, yung kasama nya, diretso lang ang tingin eh haha. Yuck, ang yuck ko talaga! Isa yun na kinakainisan ko sa sarili ko. FEELER!! Bakit ba ako parati nag iisip ng ganon.. hayy..

Isa pa. Nasa registrar's office kami ni Marian kanina. Eh si Marian, nakatingin dun sa door na malapit sa north gate. Bigla nalang nya nasabi, "oh my gosh Jason just passed." Tumingin naman ako, pero syempre sa liit naman nung window, hindi ko na sya nakita. Tumahimik nalang ako. Hay! Pero, progress din yun diba? At least dumaan sya. Haha. Edi next time, magkikita na kami. Hahaha. Wateber, ano? Wat-e-ber! Trip trip lang. Parang hindi ko na nga sya miss eh. Yung isa nalang. Haha. Hay, ewan.

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Monday, January 17, 2005
Wow, naging special naman tong 19th birthday ko kahit papano.. =) Normal na araw lang pagkagising ko. Punta sa baking lessons, kwentuhan tungkol kay James, tikman ang niluto naming pretzels at cheese twists. Yun pala may surprise cake si Marian sakin. Na touch naman ako. Hehe.

Bago namin ni-meet si Vincent, nagpunta kami sa EGG sa Promenade Greenhills. Dun ko lang nabuksan yung box ng cake at nakitang chocolate sya na may caramel. Tinayo namin ang tatlong kandilang kasama sa box, tapos sinindihan ni James. Kakanta sana sila ni Marian pero may pumasok na guy tapos kumausap kay James.. tsk tsk kawawa naman kami ni Marian, hehe, nag end up na kaming dalawa nalang ang kumanta (ako kinakantahan ang sarili) pero masaya pa rin kahit walang James.. o kaya DAHIL walang James.. nyahaha! =P

Pina-wish ako ni Marian ng tatlong wishes (one for each candle) tapos hinipan ko ang mga kandila.. All the while pinipicture-picture ako ni Marian sa kanyang phone, hehe.

Sweet talaga ni Marian. Kelan ba ang last time kong nag blow ng kandila sa cake? Hindi ko na matandaan. Na touch talaga ako, kahit late reaction na naman (kanina lang pag pauwi na ko na-realize na naging special birthday ko, thanks to her). At least hindi naman ako na-lonely sa birthday ko. Kahit kami lang ang kumanta ng happy birthday, kahit sya lang nandun sa pag blow ng cake ko, hindi ako nalungkot.. =)

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Saturday, January 15, 2005
Even if there's school, it still feels like a Saturday.

How do days have a certain feel to them? Why are there seven days in a week anyway? Aside from the myth that the earth was created in seven days. Scientifically. There are 365 days in a year because that's how long it takes the earth to revolve around the sun. 24 hours it takes to rotate. But what is the basis of the week?

Hmm.. just pondering. Suddenly becoming philosophical haha.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Oh yessss I'm so happy.. Sir Garcia is such an angel! Hehe, angel na sya ngayon ppnsp. Sa 2.0 na grade ko Yehey!! I hate it, though, that I'm such a crybaby! Ehehe. Sino kaya nakakita. Dami pa naman tao nun. Haha. Loser!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Magpakatotoo ka..

Dammit. I miss Jason and I want to see Miguel. And I saw neither of them today. Well, I saw Miguel but from afar. Hah. Walang kwenta.

Yeh. Dati ayaw kong isulat dito yung mga ayokong ifeel. Yung mga nafefeel ko pero ayaw kong ifeel. Ngayon.. katotohanan na to! Miss ko si Jason! At gusto ko makita si Miguel! Haha! Tuesday nga lang ako nasa school pag nandun din si Jason, at hindi ko pa sya nakita. Si Miguel naman, gusto ko makita pero hindi ko miss. Haha. Hindi mo pwede ma-miss ang isang tao pag hindi mo naman nakakasama/
nakakausap. Tama ba? Hay! Nakita ko nga sya sa malayo, pero wala yun. Ang gusto ko ay kausapin sya. Ayoko hi lang. Haha. Aga nya rin pala pumapasok no.. nakita ko kasi sya mga 7:30, nasa road sa gitna ng Miguel Bldg at Z2.. saan kaya galing? Hehe.. May dala pang bag! Jansport classic na orange. Minsan ko lang sya makitang may bag. Naka yellow sya na collared shirt. Hahaha... walang magawa ampotah. Napa-second look pa nga ako eh. Nasa bridge kasi ako from SJ to Miguel Bldg tapos nakita ko sya sa window pero di ako sure kung sya yun.. di mo malaman kung nakatingin sya sa taas, dun sa bridge, pero wala naman talagang tumitingin sa taas pag nasa may labas ng Miguel Bldg.. tapos napahinto ako bago umakyat sa 3rd floor ng Miguel Bldg (wala namang tao so ok lang hehe) tapos tumingin dun sa window sa tabi ng stairs.. ayon, sakto sa pagdaan ni Miguel nanigurado akong sya nga yun.. at natuwa ako dahil ang cute nya haha nakasalamin pa. Hay buhay nga naman. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ko pa 'to inexpound.. Diyos ko! Ang loser haha, pero sabi ko nga, ito ang totoo.. =)

Ayun, nagtxt si Pat yung president ng Litcircle tapos sabi may GA daw ang Litcircle bukas.. Eh since may namimiss ako at meron akong gustong makita, gusto ko tuloy pumasok bukas! Pero ang katotohanan nga ay walang kwenta ang GA na yun. Kelan ba nagkakwenta ang mga GA? No offense, pero yun ang totoo.. ahehe may kwenta siguro pero hindi sya significant sakin haha. No offense to Litcircle I like Litcircle pero ayun.. Naalala ko lang yung GA last term, nakasalubong ko si Miguel dahil papunta rin yata syang GA.. tapos malamang si Jason nasa school bukas.. Haaaaayyyyy buhaaaay!!!! Biglang naging malungkot sa school. Ang konti na nga ng classmates, parepareho pa sa lahat ng klase. Majors kasi. Umaasa nalang ako sa LEAP.. sino kaya magiging kaklase ko dun?

And everytime I see Pol Sci people.................GARRRRRRR!!!!!!!! I saw Estelle, whats-her-name (the girl who used to always be with Lanie and Kyra), ND Imperial, Paul, and J... but where the fuck is HE!!!!!

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Monday, January 10, 2005
Had that first baking lesson with Marian today.. the one in Ash Creek.. for some reason when Ms. Marja asked our age, I said 19. Oddly enough I actually want to be 19. Unusually enough I am easily letting go of my 18-hood. Suddenly 18 seems too young. Did I already post something like this before?

This T-Th-S schedule is actually good. It makes me excited to go to school.

Yesterday was fun. I saw Kung Fu Hustle with Dad in the new Gateway mall, and after that we had a train joyride. From Gateway we went to Ayala (walked all over SM, G4, Landmark, and Greenbelt), then back to Shangri-la, using the MRT. Going to Gateway we used to the LRT-2 from Gilmore station. During dinner Dad excitedly expressed how much he enjoyed the trip. Heh.

Well, I'm glad Dad's finally opening the idea of letting me use the train. He let me keep the two stored value cards, one for the MRT, the other for the LRT-2 (which I think can also be used for the LRT-1).

Anyway. I saw that JP guy from Lourdes (classmate in Relsone, came across him when was with Migs and they greeted one another, and passed by him once in the MRT Taft station..) in G4 but I don't think he saw me. He was with a little girl. Probably his sister?

Yeah. I have thing for DLSU people now. Whether I know them or not. Makes me sad about the thought of graduation, or being left behind while everyone graduates. Actually I've always had a fascination for people in general. Especially if I see them consistently, like in school, or in #moshpit before. I like to know what's going on. Most of the time though, the people I look at are boys. Naturally, I guess. Heh.

That JP guy looks like a nice guy, by the way.

This morning I had a realization. I know by now that I am not an artist. Wanting to be one, maybe, but NOT one. I'm an explorer. Not an artist. It's a sad thought, but that's the truth. Artists are born, not made. Well, everyone's born with something. And I think I was born to explore. That's why a National Geographic job is so appealing to me. That's why I think Jack Kerouac is awesome. Part of that morning realization was that Jack Kerouac wasn't an artist. He was a writer, yes, but he was really an explorer. He didn't create anything. He just wrote what he saw. And perhaps that's what I'm meant to do.

Perhaps. God knows. Let me just live this life, and see where it will lead..

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Sunday, January 09, 2005
ako = may pagka-OC.. environmentalist pa!

Hong Kong.. China is cool. Kung Fu Hustle! Hehe..

Padi's Point on January 22? Padi's ORTIGAS!

Korni ba..

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Friday, January 07, 2005
No more worries for me! The day turned out to be bright and sunny, literally and figuratively. Sir Garcia did change my grade to 2.0 after all, after Marian and I went to Instituto Cervantes to re-calculate our grades. Turns out Sir missed out two of my papers.. How Much Land and Roman Fever.. and my total grade of 78 became 80.33!! Yay! That equals 2.0 =) hehe, yeah, I'm so darn happy. The whole time he was being so friendly just like he always is, and he really made us understand that our grades were all up to us, that he can't do anything if we really were just bumming around his class. He told us how he adds more points to our papers just so we would not fail the subject, and even talked about our classmates who did fail because of too much unsubmitted papers. In between all the calculations and paper-talk, he told stories about the Lit Department, about the gay profs ("Ms. Baytan") and how the female profs get along well with them. He treated us like we were old friends, even saying that whatever he's telling us stays only inside the room. Sir Garcia is a really nice guy once you get to know him. He was even telling us how he likes Marian and me, that he knows we're the quiet ones seated in the left of the classroom, and that he didn't want to give us 1.5's but he had no choice. He's a nice person, that guy. Friends na kami! Haha! I even told him I would recommend him to my friends who haven't taken Litera2. He's nice to the students he likes, and it isn't very difficult to get him to like you ;) The experience was awesome, too. Having to look through all his students' papers and all that, we were able to look at our classmates' grades, including KO's, KO's girlfriend, and that Estrada dude. Hehe, chismosa, pero ganun eh.. and from Sir's stories we learned about how the faculty works (he was saying some profs really do not read papers, and that some profs don't care - they give 0.0 for late papers while Sir Garcia gives 1.0), and stuff like that. We spent around 2 hours in IC most of the time just listening to him, but it was fun and at least we left the building happy. =)

The entire week I was OUT! Frances had to do lots of shopping and therefore we were always in the mall. Shangri-la, Galleria, what-have-you.. and today after IC I joined Marian in Greenhills for lunch. We ate in Super Bowl of China after checking if James was in Egg. But he wasn't. Then we looked around the tiangge area, Theatre Mall, and Shoppesville and Marian ended up buying a nice black and white skirt worth Php450. I saw J somewhere around too. It was a good day for shopping, not much people around Greenhills. It was also good to spend some time with Marian like that; as she said in the car, "something we don't get to do often." Tomorrow I'll be out again in NEW mall this time, Gateway, the one near Pia's place. Geez! I feel now what those Brit friends of Frances are saying.. ain't nothing here but shopping!

God is the greatest. He listened to my prayers and worked his magic! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU GOD I CAN NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR EVERYTHING.. not only for this but for every other thing I have asked from you.. thank you Lord so much.. =D

P.S. Funny how yesterday in school I saw Chip thrice, Blake twice, Paul twice, then today I saw J, but where is HE?

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
I actually WANT to go to school tomorrow..

All of a sudden I'm excited to see everybody. Heh.

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Monday, January 03, 2005
Just as school will resume, so will Life..

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Artie Shaw's gone. :(

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