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Monday, September 29, 2003
I miss the States, and Kim, too.
I want to go see Vegas again.

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Saturday, September 27, 2003
There is nothing better than old school music.

It's been a long time since I've listened to the radio here in my room. So far the songs NU has been playing are those I can actually sing to. Good old Saturday and Sunday music. Never fails.

Recent plays: Lucky Day in Hell, Bottles To The Ground, Mr. Jones, TV Star (Butthole Surfers), Friends of P. (The Rentals), even Korn's No Place To Hide. People of the Sun got me, for a second there, interested in the drums. Hm.

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Saturday, September 20, 2003
just testing... transferred na blog ko sa portland! no more gotdarn ads ;)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Just For The Record

Last Sunday we went to watch Mr.
Michael Bublé at the Podium at 6pm. Hehe. Luckily for us he had a free performance, and at a near venue. I'm not really a fan of his, but I like his voice (first heard him in Down With Love), not to mention his choice of music.

We were supposed to be there at 5:00, but as usual we left late and got there just minutes before 6. The line of cars to the parking was pretty long, and the mall notably wasn't as spacious as it always is. Apparently Mr. Bublé had a lot of people comin' for him, as we saw when we arrived at the Podium's second floor. You'd never see the Podium like that. One big crowd in the mall's plaza.

The event flyer only said it was an autograph signing session, but of course we figured he would sing a couple of songs. I think he was only supposed to sing two songs, were it not for the crowd of fans he saw plus the bunch of people in the upper floors looking down at him. He sang four, accompanied by the pianist: "That's All", "The Way You Look Tonight", some song I'm not familiar with, and lastly "Come Fly With Me".

You can see he was a nice man, funny and all. He obviously didn't expect this much people to come and see him at his "promo tour". He loved the audience and mentioned he wanted to take us all with him to next stop Hawaii then went on to sing "Come Fly With Me." He made a lot of jokes, grabbed a watcher's cellphone and sang into its speaker, went to down to the first row of the audience to kiss a middle-aged woman in the cheek, and even did hip-hoppish rave sounds through his mouth. Kwela. Haha. I guess I just didn't expect him to be like that - or to be anything for that matter - because of his somewhat formal attire and the nature of his music. But, we shouldn't forget he's a young one, too.

Well, too bad for us the autograph signing was only for those who have the CD. CD's that were bought only in AstroPlus, that is. And I think only a certain number of people can have their CD's signed. Geez. At least we got to see him. He looked different from the pictures. I guess because his hair grew and it was brown, and he was hella tall.

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Thursday, September 04, 2003
It's September! Term break already, school starts Wednesday next week. Got my course cards already, and I was surprised to see I got a 4 for my Critical Thinking class. I bummed around during that term, but well, I guess compared to a couple of my blockmates who got mostly 1's, I did pretty well.

It's been rainy, as usual. Gettin' pretty cold, too. Christmastime is just around the corner..

That just means 2003 is almost over. What have I done with my life this year? Let's just see what's more to come in the next four months.

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