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Wednesday, 17 March 2004
Stars at night.. are big and bright
current music: alkaline trio - queen of pain

tangna nananadya talaga tong si winamp ko o. kilala na ako. hahah! pag indie ang tugtog, tuluy tuloy ang indie. pag emo/punk, tuluy tuloy din.. pag jazz din ganun..

Posted by snocud at 8:39 PM WST
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Saturday, 21 February 2004
Who's Your Inner Artist?

Your inner artist is Gustav Klimt!
Whether incurable romantic or caring optimist, your style is undeniably Klimtian. Like all romantics, you tend to think with your heart. And why not? Great things often come with a healthy dose of passion attached. When it comes to matters that matter -- whether love, or injustice, or freedom -- you're rarely one to follow the crowd. In fact, you possess the rare gift of courage, along with the self-confidence to stand up for your convictions. We'd guess you've swum against the current once or twice before. And where something you care about is concerned, we've no doubt you'd do it again.

---really now?

Posted by snocud at 4:11 PM WST
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Monday, 26 January 2004
Ohh yeah it's fuckin' Harry James, man! And Frankie Sinatra.. he's still da man, Frank. Pano kaya, noh...?! Hmmm?! Do one's dreams ever happen? Do they ever come true? Or is it just a fantasy? Labo. I mean... if you dream and dream... it's your longest-running dream.. haha longest-running... if it's what you've been dreaming of for a really long time... does your life turn out to be the same? Does it? Or does it turn out to be something very different.. I guess it's different for different people.. huh.. Hunter. Those people... did they ever dream of... yeah, I guess they did... but some people... just didn't expect.. Artie Shaw, I didn't think he expected to be a star. That's right. He didn't. I dunno... you think MY dreams will ever come true? Or should I just stop dreaming? No, of course I shouldn't stop dreaming. Harry James' trumpet is wonderful. I shouldn't stop dreaming. But what are dreams?

Yeah, that's right. Keep on playing Harry. He's da man.

Posted by snocud at 10:03 PM WST
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Tuesday, 16 December 2003
I May Be Wrong But I Think You're Wonderful
Harry James and Artie Shaw.
HE DA MAN. (both of them). haha.

Posted by snocud at 9:18 PM WST
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Wednesday, 26 November 2003
written on paper 11/24/03 de la salle university manila
11:40 a.m.
~The date.. November 24, sounds like there's a special ocassion..
~The classroom smells like food mixed with some beauty fragrance.
Reminds me of summer classes with Pia.

~Everyone's noisy.
Last minute cramming for the Math quiz.

3:50 p.m.
~Interviewed Dr. Shirley Lua for ENGLART.
'Twasn't so bad, seems like a nice person.
Nice talking to her, intellectual person.
Gave good answers
Said we got good questions.

~Heard an airplane during Math quiz
Felt odd
Airplanes don't pass in this side of the city often
Gunshots heard twice after the quiz
Made me feel even chillier.

~Airplanes flying in unusual places, even choppers
Give me a feeling that something's wrong
Is it a delayed reaction from Sept 11?
Or was I in World War II?

~Deftones on the radio. 4:00 p.m.
Blue skies once again
Rained but it stopped.

~The LVR smelled like a hospital.

~Stomach-ache the whole day. Must be #2
Or hot choco & hot tea with donut ?
Too much fuckin food

The truck beside me says

~Matt is borrowing my Chill-out CD tomorrow.

~I need to go home.

~My blockmates were singin Moffats songs today.
The thought that came to mind:
What a disgrace to popular music!
(Even to rock, since they always go \m/ and consider themselves "rockers")

~Considering Jazz & Broadway music was popular music..
how the fuck did the Moffats and the like become pop music?

~They just played Slide
Goo goo dolls
on the Radio

~Limp Bizkit is comin' here
on December. Would be
nice to watch them if they
played old songs. Is Wes
Borland still w/ them?

~Extra pages on your ntbk
is a good thing

Posted by snocud at 9:26 PM WST
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Thursday, 13 November 2003
insights from daydreaming
naks may use na kaagad tong words..hehe sarado raw muna blogger eh. in the meantime..

in the car on the way home, i was thinkin'.
I keep telling myself that I am not ready to have a relationship again yet. But I never exactly knew why. Also I never quite knew the answer to why I have quit going online as much as I used to. Well, maybe now I do.

The answer to both self-imposed questions may very well be the same. I simply just need time for myself. After all those years spent in the Net, I feel like I've wasted a hell lot of time there. Sometimes after school I would go online right away. On weekends, I spent the whole day chatting and surfing and downloading music. During the summer or any other long vacations, that was the routine every single day. It may sound very monotonous, but ask anyone else who's been or still is a net addict, chances are they will say it isn't. The Net is a different world, yes, but it is as unpredictable as the real world - if you would call it that - out there. Some would even say it is better.

But probably most would also say that it is time consuming. As for me, I came to realize that there are a lot more things to do, and it was nothing else but the Net that was keeping me from doing other things that I wanted. I had to stop dreaming. Instead, I had to follow those dreams.

I guess I have realized this long before I finally had the heart to leave it all behind. But of course something has to happen to finally push people to start anew, and for me that was.. a semi rollercoaster stupid relationship, the only connection to my first sentence up there in the introduction.. something I never really liked to talk about.

So now, here I am, making up for lost time. Nearly two years have passed since I quit chatting everyday. I have begun taking up a musical instrument. I've watched the many movies that I have only been reading about before. I've spent "real" time with my offline friends, who are just great, no matter how much I denied that to myself before. Spent more quality time with my family, even. And of course my studies. Two years may seem a long time, but it's not enough. If I'm not mistaken, I've spent three times longer in the Net. By the looks of it I'm gonna be spending the rest of my life trying to make up for that.

But no regrets here, though. Those five or six years online have been great. All real fun. I learned a lot, I met a lot of different people. Lessons I would not have learned elsewhere, people I wouldn't have met in any other way. People who have made me what I am today. From them I learned to appreciate and be myself. I like what I have become, and it is them who I credit for teaching me this. That is how I remember them. That is what I remember the Net did for me. And because they changed my life this way, they will not be forgotten.

Posted by snocud at 5:36 PM WST
Updated: Thursday, 13 November 2003 5:49 PM WST
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Sunday, 9 November 2003
tangina, nagsasayang na naman ako ng oras. at saka, bakita ang eeklat na ng mga links ko. pak, wala na talaga akong alam.

putcha. ayoko na mag aral, pramis. well, sa ngayon, ayoko. tangina. tangina talaga.

ano ba yan. tinatamad lang ako!!!!

Posted by snocud at 6:25 PM WST
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edi ayos. new blog. ano kaya mailalagay ko dito..

Posted by snocud at 6:08 PM WST
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Well..testing lang!!!!

Posted by snocud at 5:43 PM WST
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