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Monday, March 28, 2005

College blues!

Had an awful dream that I failed a major subject!

But the subject was science.. something like Inersci. Gel was there and I was complaining to her. First term ko palang mag major ikikick out na ako! Ai was there also and she got a 1.0. My raw grade was 2 point something on the prof's record, but my name wasn't in red like two other people's who failed were. I didn't even recognize the names, it seems we were more than we really are in that class and those two names were most likely upperclassmen. Funny thing is Pia and Prichie were also there. Pia got a 4.0 and I was asking her what are the projects that I missed (it says in the record that I missed three). Pia demonstrated one project right then and there in the classroom (which was some kind of semi-laboratory and semi-ordinary classroom). She cracked an egg, poured the insides into a mug, and said that we were supposed to videotape the yolk because its behavior was like Earth's. Hmm. And I was telling them I don't remember ever hearing about such projects.


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