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Friday, March 04, 2005

Artie Shaw, Carmelie Villespin, and maybe Keanu Reeves..

Boy I had so many dreams..

I can only remember two clearly now.

One was about Artie Shaw. I met the guy, and he was very black and white. I made him sign a bunch of things. One of them was a clarinet reed. The first I think was simply a piece of paper but I realized I had to let him sign something else. And he was pleased to do so. Ironically, because in real life he wasn't into that fame thing. It was probably at his house. Or somewhere that looked like a house or a little room. I remember looking at him and thinking he is a hot guy. Not that handsome, but attractive. I know that if he were alive and I met him now, he would be really old, but in the dream he was probably around 30. We hung around for some time I guess, because before I left we were sorta "close" to the point that we hugged and made beso before I left. Hm!

When I woke up I was thinking I had met Keanu Reeves but realized that it was Artie Shaw.

Also there was a dream about Carmelie Villespin. I was in UST with Gel. We were talking about her red bag. I had also bought one. But this time she was using a yellow Nike one. Before that I was looking at some Bangkok/Recto style shop and bought some pretty colorful stuff I don't remember what. One was some kind of big spool where you can keep your long strings. In the next scene I was in that same area but away from the shop. With Gel this time, and Carmelie came along (turned out the place was UST) and she was happy to see me and she asked us to accompany her to another shop. I introduced her and Gel to one another. The shop we went to was some expensive male clothing shop. Like Arrow. Carmelie was trying on their hats and stuff. The shop was so expensive that it seemed nobody was buying, but their clothes were really good. It was a shop that gave the impression that people only go there to try on things but never buy. When we came out, I saw familiar faces. Povedans. I saw Patrese in almost-house clothes (but in real life she studies in UP). I asked Carmelie if she lived here, why does everybody seem to be wearing house clothes. And she says, that's UST, nobody cares what you wear.

Artie Shaw is the only famous person I dream about this way (three times already). I dreamt about Jude Law before but he was still a star, not a person next to me.

I wonder what the rest of the dreams were. They're in the corner of my mind, I know they're there but I can't tap it!


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