a dream log.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dreaming about Artie Shaw. + Jim

I dreamt about Artie Shaw again. And about Jim from Pol Sci again.

Artie Shaw, I can't remember. I just know he was lying down probably asleep and was awakened by somebody.. that somebody is just a shadow to me now. I can't recall who it was.

Jim.. well, I was looking at his Friendster profile and it said he was single again. And he was looking for me. (?!?!)

Also there was a txt message from him that he wanted to see me "to get to know me." But I only received the message at night, so it was too late, so I txted back saying sorry.

If that were any guy, I wouldn't mind this dream. But it was JIM - and even if I liked the first dream I had of him, somehow I don't like the idea of him in this dream. Perhaps it's because of his cute girlfriend (really - not being sarcastic).


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