a dream log.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

He's cool, that guy.

Well I had a dream about that Estrada guy from Litera2. He was cute in it (well, in real life I do find him interesting), and when I woke up I thought the dream was cute too. We were in school together. I remember the walk way between the library and SJ. We were both kinda lost (probably because of our unbelievably low grades in Litera2). He said something like "Hanapin natin.." and he smiled and held out his hand. I smiled a little smile back and held his hand. The next thing I remember he was wanting to go to some SM mall that was accessible through the MRT. I didn't go to the mall but in the dream I was remembering it as a mall similar to one Marian and I visited in Bangkok.

My subconcious is telling me that I'm desiring somebody to be with.

Hay buhay nga naman.

I've had many dreams before this, but I failed to write them down. Unfortunately. We stayed in a hotel during the Christmas break and I hardly went online. I didn't have time (or just wasn't in the mood) to write the dreams down. Too bad.. I had a dream about Jason, though. It's in my little pink notebook.

Another thing is that I've been dreaming about all these boys in school. First there's Miguel, then Chip and Blake and Jason and then this Estrada boy. Weird how all of them except Jason are in Pol Sci. Hmm. As for girls.. it's just Marian, Cristal, Tin, and those Povedan batchmates of mine who were in first dream about Migs.


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