a dream log.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


DREAM, LAST NIGHT: Marian had a crush on KO. She really liked him. To the point that she was crying about it. She was with James, but was regretting about KO. Crying to Nico about it. As in really crying. Nico was saying how do you know he loves you back? Probably coz they actually had a chance with each other. Nico brought her upstairs to lie in a bed. All the other Lit majors followed, and comforted Marian. Including myself.

REAL LIFE, TODAY: Marian told me that she has to break up with James. Because "there is no future with him". Because there is no point. How can she be happy when everybody else is not? Yada yada yada.

ANYWAY: Poor Marian. My wish for her - to have the opportunity to enjoy life (or having a boyfriend, to be situation-specific) without having to worry about the future. Boyfriends - it's not as if you have to marry them. I just hope she gets the chance to enjoy being with somebody, to enjoy the company of somebody she likes, without having to think about what the future holds for them.. of course it pays to think ahead, but not to the point that you forget about today, because then you will never be able to experience.


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