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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Birthday dream.

In real-life Spantwo, I have a classmate who looks like Blake. Haha. Remember the dream I had about him before..

Anyway, last night, the night of/after my birthday. I again dreamt about that guy who probably appears the most in my dreams (lately). It was a loooonnngg dream with many episodes, not all of which he was in, but he was the dominating character (haha "character"). Unfortunately I can't tell what the dreams really were about, for they are not clear to me anymore. When I first woke up, I was telling myself not to forget them so that I can write it down, but I fell asleep again and when I awoke the dreams were vague.

What I do remember is that I ran into him. In a place with lots of plants, like UP Diliman or that place where Nicolas Cage met his "daughter" in Matchstick Men. Plants and cement. Like a park. We both had something to do but after a while we came back for one another and spent time together.

In perhaps what was another episode, he had his right arm around me, but I didn't want to put any of my arms around him. Oh, and also, he was taller than me. Then, in yet another episode, we were holding hands. The place was some kind of department store, but not like any we see around the malls these days. It had the same glass counters with black borders as the shop in the previous dream (with J) does. And all the walls plus the floor were white.

And then there was another episode involving kids. I remember the intersection from the first gate of Pasadena (the one near Tower I). I was there with other people (I can't recall who they were but it seems that I've known them for quite a while) and we were waiting for some bus to come. Not bus as in G-Liner bus, more of like an L300 school bus. When it came, a little boy jumped out, not at all looking like HIM but somehow it was him. Haha. A little boy? I remember saying something like "Sya yan." Then we picked him up and started playing with him or something. In the area in front of Judy Ann's house. I remember some teasing around too, but that one's sort of vague.

Then, at still another episode, I remember seeing another kid but much older. Probably around twelve. He was with another boy, or perhaps two other boys. The other half of the picture isn't clear to me anymore, what I do remember is that boy of twelve wearing Jason's shirt. The pastel blue one with a black line across it..


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