a dream log.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

About time

The old title was very inappropriate. So here's to a new one.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Every night dreams.

Ok, I remember a dream in which Blake was my classmate in Spantwo! Futuristic amputa. Next term pa ako mag S-spantwo! Weird thing is, Pol Sci has no Spanish courses!!

Naturally I'd look for him since his friend was in my class. Usually they take their classes together. Or at least last term they did.

I also remember another dream (not sure if this was the one last night), another scene at the chapel. It was also very weird.. coz I was standing outside (probably waiting for him) and then Jason passed by.. and Marian.. and they were walking on as if they didn't know each other.. and as if they didn't know me! I called Jason but he didn't look, so I figured Marian wouldn't look either.. Then another person walking from the Lib was Chip! Haha! Then Migs was somewhere around, although I think I just saw a glimpse of him.. like his shirt or something..

I don't know if I really had more dreams about him, or if it's just those two, but it feels like I've had many already.. damn! Darn these dreams, hehe.

Another dream I've had recently is about Pia. That her boyfriend was Josh Hartnett. Haha. Pia was driving and I was in the passenger seat, we were in a street like Julia Vargas near Megamall, and Josh Hartnett was in a place along the street playing Billiards and I said, "Pia, si Josh o," but I think we were off somewhere so we didn't bother to stop and talk to Josh. Prichie was in the dream, too. She was also in a place along Julia Vargas but in a different building from where Josh is..

I don't remember ever having these much dreams (na tuluy-tuloy)..

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Without that dream I never would have you..

Haha, darn that dream indeed! Benny Goodman's got a song with Mildred Bailey, Darn That Dream, and boy, is it my theme song now! Haha, I just had the strangest dream and I'm damning it right now because it made me miss the guy in that dream.. =(

I wrote it down in my other journal. It's too long for me to type up here.

Ok, I'm listenin to Darn That Dream right now, and I just have to say: The dream described in the song is nothing like what I dreamt.. ehehe. I say.