a dream log.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

One that doesn 't involve him for once.

I was in school. In a normal-sized classroom except that the ceiling goes way up higher. It doesn't look like the rooms in DLSU, though. It had a platform like the ones in the SJ classrooms, and the place actually reminds me of Hogwarts. It was DLSU, but I was surrounded by Povedans.

The only faces I remember are Prichie, Sona, and Sir Diño. Although I think Cristal and Pia might have been there too. We were all about to leave the room except Sona and Sir Diño. I was asking Sona what course she was taking, and she said music. I said, "Music? In La Salle?" She said, "No, in.. ". I can't recall the name, but it was a music school, and she was gonna graduate from there but taking her classes here. She and Sir Diño started for a corner in the room to start their lesson -- it was individual, flute -- and I followed them. I asked Sir Diño how much it would be if I asked him to teach me the saxophone. For some reason I wanted to whisper it into his ear but he was so tall I couldn't reach him. He said only 50. "An hour?" I was shocked. Then I told him I was learning the clarinet, gesturing as if I were playing one. I forget the rest, I just know I went back to where I came from, finding only Prichie there sitting at the platform and telling her I was leaving. I don't know whether she came along or not.


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