a dream log.

Monday, December 06, 2004


Ok, now I had two dreams about my sister.

The first one was last night, and it had my cousin Tin in it again. I was in the car (the pick-up) on the way from or to school. I think it was from. Anyway, I was with my sister and my cousin. That's it.

Well, my cousin doesn't ride with me anymore in real life, and of course my sister is in the other side of the world.

The next dream was just this afternoon. I took a nap. You see, my sister is coming home on the 26th. In the dream, though, she arrived at the 24th, Christmas Eve, without telling us. She meant it as a surprise. Only my brother knew. We were off somewhere. I remember my dad having dinner somewhere (must be my subconscious listening to my parents talk while I was asleep about Tito Ed's birthday party tonight). But he was able to see my sister, who came with my bro, who came from somewhere supposedly to "just look around". Then all of a sudden the place turned into an airport. My sister was lining up fixing her documents and all that..

What's with all this dreaming more than once about the same person?


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