a dream log.

Saturday, December 18, 2004


These afternoon naps are giving me more dreams lately than the nights.

I had another, well, odd, one. (All dreams are odd.) I received a txt message from BIX BEIDERBECKE.. Hahaha! The tone of the message was easygoing, like you'd feel as if he was treating you like any one of his close friends, despite the fact that it had a "morning" greeting and the word "gago" in it.. It went something like "gago bakit mo gamit number ko hehehe" and he mentioned he was gonna be in 404 which I assumed to be SJ404 and that he wanted to meet up so I can return the number.. (?!?!) Must be that lost sim card lurking in my subconscious, the one I was forced to give to the Lost & Found. I was considering meeting up with Bix in 404, because, hell, it was BIX. But I simply replied "imposible naman kung pareho number natin, eto number mo o," then I pasted his number which was totally different from mine, it had a lot of 8's.

In real life I recieved a message from some guy who goes by name of "patrick t.w." saying "Pre, may mga gigs or gimiks ba dis break?" but I didn't reply coz I knew no patrick t.w.'s and I was not a "Pre". In the dream it turns out that the "Pre" patrick t.w. was referring to was Bix..

Now last night I dreamt about Tin my cousin again. She liked James, as in Marian's James. He was biking around Pasadena. There was a party in Tin's place. I took a pic of James in my digicam and somehow the pic ended up in Tin's digicam.. Frances was there, and Kim, Tin's sister. We were eating at their garage (in Unit 26) talking about James. Tin knew his whole name from research! It had Claude Tony.. but no James, although he was using James as a nickname. James was forbidden fruit, though, for obvious reasons, and in the dream Tin had a boy of her own (probably in real life too)..


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