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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Another strange but intriguing one.

God I had a dream about him again. This time Cristal was in it. She was in the track varsity tambayan in school. But it wasn't the tambayans outside SPS, it was a bench like Pat's tambayan, inside a building that had a wide space, like a sports complex of some sort. The tambayan was in a corner, near the entrance.

I was surprised to see Tal there. He was there too, of course. I didn't get to talk to him, though. All's I remember is that I was too excited with Tal to talk to him, and I didn't want to talk to him out of, well, shyness. When I got a hold of Cristal, though, he was the main topic of our conversation. Everybody went out of the building, Tal and him and other track people in a group; Tal kind of separated from them coz she was with me. "Track ka pala?" "Swerte mo." "Kilala mo pala siya.." and all that. I asked her what they were asked to do for the audition (something I wanted to ask him in real life). I remember her making some gestures but I don't quite remember what she said.

Then we were together in a car talking about how you can be a varsity member of another school. In the dream Tal was a student of UP Manila as she is in real life. She was part of the Chorale as she is in real life. The Chorale keeps her busy. In the dream, she had more extra-curricular in UPM than just the Chorale. She was very busy, and still had time to be a Green Trackster. I remember she was saying she's not really a full Trackster, she mentioned something like "parang yaya nga lang ako eh" -- which I don't understand right now, but I guess I must have understood it in the dream. She was saying that if you go to another school, you can only be a varsity member of DLSU if you passed the entrance exam you took before freshman year. And of course we were talking about him; she said she first got to talk to him through text, we were agreeing that he was cute, and I remember kinikilig ako.. I don't remember the rest, all's I know is that we were talking about him. She even referred to him as Miggy.. in the dream I remembered that we told Anton it was Cristal who was asking about him, and I was gonna mention it to her, but didn't get to, because we were too hung up on talking about something else..

I also remember that somehow we were in G4. We were outside, waiting for Mom and Co to pick us up, who when they called said they were in Katipunan already (and in the dream it wasn't very far). Also, G4 was right behind Galle and Megamall, aside from being next to SM as it is in real life.

*Cristal's extra-curricular work >> That UPM Chorale concert last Saturday
*Track >> Been reading a lot about the Tracksters - in the net, in the Lasallian, also been hearing a lot about Trackster members, one classmate in Litera2 I think is a Trackster (and a blockmate of his), and of course HE himself is a Trackster (or was)
*Cristal<=>Miguel >> Telling Anton that it was Tal who knew him
*Track tambayan >> Pat's tambayan (softball, in Chess Plaza)
*Audition question - curiosity about how track auditions go about
*G4, Galle, Megamall, SM >> Mall-hopping yesterday? Went Christmas shopping with Mom
*Katipunan >> Probably the morning walk with Dad in UP Diliman, or that Ardz gig
*HIMSELF >> well, I don't know, really, these days he's in the concious more than in the sub, although sometimes I do forget about him unconciously.. labo?! Must be the desire to see him tomorrow!


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