a dream log.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Actors Studio

I was having an audition for a small part in a movie. Tom Hanks was the producer, director, casting director, or anybody, the person in charge. He wearing an off-white suit. He put me in the role of Carrie in a certain Sex And The City episode. I was seated around a rectangular wooden table (like the ones in Cafe Mediterranean). The scene was a table conversation with the other actors but I hardly said a word. I couldn't care less; I went out of the building with the other failed auiditioners eager to get home. The building looks like an American home inside, but outside it was Ortigas Center near Meralco. I txted Mom to pick me up. I kind of knew the other actors (like how you know people in school), but I wasn't close to them so I stayed behind while they went off somewheres. Tom Hanks came outside telling me I wasn't done yet. (Carrie had no lines in that scene, and so I was given another chance with another script). So I went back in. Actors around the table again. He told me I was gonna be M.. L.. or M.. S.., I couldn't remember the name, but it was a cute girl name. (Kung ML yun, tangina hahaha) Problem is, I didn't know my lines, as I was telling Gerard Mutuc (the MOCC), who was seated right beside me. He said it's ok, "Adlib naman." He told ML was the girl in the corner but I wasn't confused. Another girl said ML was mataray. I asked her, "Mag-aaway kami?" But she said no, she would just make us tense. The girl in the corner said she didn't like her role. She had glasses like mine and had a half-ponytail with her hair that's a little bit shorter than mine. But I told her that her role was "Astig nga eh." END.


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