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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Awesome after awful

My dream last night was that 311 was here. And they played in none other than my school! The place didn't look like DLSU at all. But I watched after class. It was already getting dark. I don't remember hearing any particular song. But they were there, playing..

The band was under a gazebo-type of thing, which you can compare to the gazebo study area behind William Hall. I know it's an awkward place to play music, with all those big sound system stuff that 311 needs, but that's where they were playing. The gazebo was in the middle of a field, kind of reminiscent of UP Diliman's large grass areas like the Sunken Garden. There where benches around the gazebo, and when it was getting dark and people started home, I had the opportunity to sit at one of the benches that was nearest the gazebo, and therefore, near the band! I even remember seeing Chad or some other 311 member (I remember the guy now as Chad, even if I don't really remember right now how Chad looks like in real life), looking at me and my companion (who I can't recall). I think he was expecting us to request a song. Heh.

There was music, I know it. It was how I knew the band was 311 in the first place. But I can't seem to remember actually hearing anything.

Awesome dream, huh. Which is good, right after that awful one.


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