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Wednesday, April 09, 2003
I'm sad about my new cellphone.. agh, it sucks! Haha, well, it's my dad's 6310 (I think) and as he says, "Pang business yan eh.." Oh, yeah, it's for businessmen all right! No screensaver, no composer, no.. haayy.. I would even prefer my almost dead 3310 over that! Well, yeah, I should be grateful that my phone's "upgraded". :-/

Anyway, I'm still in love with Hollywood. The old Hollywood. Or, at least, the musical era of Hollywood. Or maybe just Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra. And Arthur Freed and Vincente Minnelli and Stanley Donen. Hahaha. Or maybe the movie industry as a whole! I'm thinkin' of taking Basic Digital Filmmaking this summer but maybe not because my class starts May 26. And I'm thinking of shifting to Comm Arts to specialize in film. If Lit doesn't work out. Or, hell, I don't know.

Yeah, THAT'S what I'm goin' to do. Watch a movie. Right now. It should make me feel better. Haha, all just for a gotdarn phone.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2003
Oh, yes. I have a new love: the musicals of Hollywood's golden era. Well, actually I've only seen three of them - not counting the Anchors Aweigh a friend lent me some years ago. I enjoyed that one, but old musicals didn't interest me then. The 1940s and 50s were calling out to me, so last Sunday, I ditched my to-rent list and grabbed On The Town, An American in Paris, and Singin' in the Rain. Okay, so I guess it's more apt to say Gene Kelly's musicals. But they all were wonderful - I can't even choose which I liked best - and I know there are more to those. The first half of the 20th century must have been a great time, with all its new ideas and new, inspiring talent. Gene Kelly is amazing. How I wish to go to New York and see some Broadway. Musicals are always a wonder, be it classic or modern.

I also rented The Big Lebowski, which provided a break from my musical fantasy and brought me back to the present time. It was witty, quirky; the Coen brothers are quite impressive. Well, I feel like I'm making a review here, but I'm tellin' ya, you better see that movie if you haven't. These filmmakers, where do they get their talent.

For now, I'm singin' in the rain. What a glorious feeling, I'm happy agaaain..

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