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Monday, March 31, 2003
I am falling in love with Gene Kelly's musicals.

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Saturday, March 29, 2003
I spent the day reading through the
National Geographic Traveler and looking through the photo galleries (I wish I could afford a real subscription); reading and clicking links about Frank Sinatra and downloading a couple of his songs; and experimenting with HTML stuff. In between all those were a phone call along with numerous text messages I didn't so much appreciate as I would rather go on reading about the man whose voice gives me fuzzy feelings inside.

So much for a summer day. What can I do to make my life more colorful?

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Friday, March 28, 2003
God is telling me that DLSU is the right school. Or is He?

What's with all this DLSU na in my head? When Marian asked me what my course was, I wasn't confused with what to say nor hesitated to say, "Literature". I asked JJ what school he would be enrolling to, and when he said DLSU, I told him, me too. I don't even remember deciding. Are those the signs? Just all of a sudden assuming I am going there? Or have I just learned to accept literature and DLSU itself? For Dad? For all of humanity? Heh. Shame on me.

What the hell. DLSU it is. I suppose there isn't anything I can do. It always has been DLSU. But I didn't like to think so.

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I was in a hotel room. A really big hotel room, with many people in it. Like there was some sort of party. I remember having a gun with me. It was long like a shotgun, but it wasn't a shotgun. I don't know what it was; I am not familiar with guns' names. But it pretty seemed like I knew how to handle them. My gun could be turned into a small handgun, so I turned it into a small handgun. I was pointing the gun at someone but I don't remember shooting.

Next thing I know, everybody was in the floor lying dead. There were only three of us left standing. It wasn't our fault. We knew it wasn't our fault. But we also knew they were going to go after us.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom. The whole hotel room was a mess. I walked over dead bodies and broken furniture as if it were normal. The two guys talking and I soon joined them. What would we do. Where would we go. Of course, the States is always an option, but it would be too risky.

When I woke up to find myself safe in my own bed, I laid awake still thinking of running off to Mexico.

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Thursday, March 27, 2003
Gin Blossoms reminds me of Luke Wilson and those good old surreal days when I was a kid.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003
So I'm starting this new blog. I'm thinking of it as something new; probably something that will help me leave the past behind. And come to think of it, my way of thinking now must be different from that of when i posted my first ever posts. (In my first ever blog. Hell, I made that two years ago.) Which, could be one of the reasons behind why I am not so much into posting stuff anymore. New blogs are, if not always, enthusiastically posted on.

So here's a new start (in terms of blogging, which is a part of my life) with everything fresh as can be. New design. New URL. Inspired by new interests such as The Promise Ring, the Spanish language, a sudden interest in the color red (I plan to change the layout and have that color as the theme), and mostly, Sarah Records' last advert which announced the release of SARAH 100 and the end of one of the greatest record labels in the world.

"Habit and fear of change are the worst reasons for ever doing ANYTHING."

"The first act of revolution is destruction
and the first thing to destroy is THE PAST.
like falling in love
it reminds us we're alive."

Move out and move on. The other blog will be kept for memories sake, but I am not necessarily ending it. Or maybe I will. It all depends. This one here, hopefully will help me keep myself straight. I've started "new" blogs before that came to nothing, but I hope this one will work. Hopefully I could be busy with this and my forever long delayed website.

Besides, using the FTP service is much better than BlogSpot. No ads and it's hosted on your own site. I'll just have to figure out how to fix up the archives. Oh, and the how-to's of designing your own template. Which I should be doing.. just right about now. See ya 'round.

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